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Airports and Contracts and Colds, oh my

11 May Airports and Contracts and Colds, oh my

I seem to have survived the recent post-conference cold, a real nasty bug (but not Covid!) So what’s been happening?

The day before flying to TX for the Ghoulish Book Festival, I sent off the novella Final Boy to a publisher who was waiting for it. Fingers crossed, because the same publisher is taking a look at my collection Strange Stories for Strange Times, even though collections are outside their wheelhouse. I also followed up with another publisher for my crime novel The Hard Six and hope to hear something soon.

The Fest itself was a blast. I enjoyed the readings and panels, sat on two panels myself, ate with writer friends and had the kind of cool, random conversations that only happen at cons, ie Johnny Compton, Angel Louis Colon and me talking about romance fiction as a valid genre beyond where it intersects with horror. The trip home felt interminable, but I was able to try out Bojangles fried chicken at the airport, so that was a win.

Speaking of airports, I signed a contract electronically while waiting for my flight. A good way to boost my spirits when heading away from so many cool people.

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