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12 Jul 2019 Listen to “Hand of Glory”

Manor House adapted my short story "Hand of Glory" into an audio tale and did a wonderful job. The story was written to develop the character of Hoodoo Girl, and was later included in my first novel, DEAD MEN. Hoodoo Girl is a young hillbillyette...

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25 Apr 2019 Notes from the Narrator

Linda Jones narrated the audiobook of The Isle and shared her process with the good folks at Ink Heist. After her article is a great sample from the audiobook. You can read the article and hear the sample here...

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05 Feb 2019 Dead Sexy Podcast

I had a great time talking with Armand Rosamillia on Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast about The Isle, writing in general, writer's block and where I hide the bodies. You can check it out here...

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16 Feb 2018 Tales to Terrify!

While speaking to Eddie Generous at Unnerving Magazine for a podcast that will go live in the near future, we touched on the appearance of my short story "The Undertaker" on TALES TO TERRIFY. I'm particularly fond of this story. Written during a rather barren...

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28 Dec 2017 I’m on Castle Rock Radio on YouTube!

Castle Rock Radio is now on YouTube with its own channel! Check out episode 23 here where Max Booth III and Lori Michelle had me on to talk about the novel Night Roads, make fun of Jonathan Franzen and discuss Stephen King's unsung masterpiece, The...

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02 Dec 2017 Why I Love George Stark

...or How I Learned to Embrace a Second Name. Castle Rock Radio had me on to talk about Stephen King's unsung novel, The Dark Half, with side trips into making fun of a famous author or two as well as our friends at This is...

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