November 2021 - John C. Foster
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November 2021

07 Nov 2021 “A relentless wheeler-dealer in the game of death”

This review of ROOSTER from writer Ben Francisco Maulbeck is a wonderful antidote to doubt: "John Gallo is a professional hitman with a history that’s spattered in blood and littered with bodies. Known in the criminal underworld as Rooster, Gallo is an assassin suffering from mental...

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07 Nov 2021 Don’t Say His Name

Writing the short story and then adapting that into the novel that became MISTER WHITE remains one of the most enjoyable writing experiences in my career. It's an understatement to say I'm excited it's still finding new readers and more so that a writer of...

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04 Nov 2021 2022 Conventions

In a fit of optimism I've been organizing my convention schedule for 2022 and have arranged the details for: Ghoulish Book Festival in San Antonio, April 30-May 1 *I'll have some news about this soon Scares that Care in Williamsburg, VA, July 30-August 1 Bouchercon in Minneapolis, September...

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