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December 2018

21 Dec 2018 A Discussion of the Christmas Ghost Story

"The first and most obvious characteristic I look for is an embrace of the season itself. A story that revolves around Christmas or takes place on Christmas. The second, and in my mind more important characteristic, is to find a story that reflects the classic...

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12 Dec 2018 Reading Tour

The first two dates for my 2019 reading tour on behalf of The Isle are set. January 12, 6-8pm I will join a great group of writers in Providence for Noir at the Bar at AS220 January 17, 7-9pm - A Night of Dark Fiction - Readings...

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12 Dec 2018 Hellnotes Graces The Isle

Gordon White at Hellnotes had this to say about The Isle: "Foster’s writing, too, will grip readers from the get-go. Although the closest descriptor would be “hard-boiled” a la the pulp detective stories, Foster’s prose never lapses into pastiche. He writes clear and vivid descriptions...

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07 Dec 2018 First review!

I was delighted to see the first review for The Isle appear on Goodreads/Amazon this morning. It went like this: A closed society. Secrets. Atmosphere you can taste. Names have power and John C Foster was wise enough to dedicate THE ISLE to the pair who...

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06 Dec 2018 Book your trip to The Isle!

Yesterday was heady stuff as my fourth novel, THE ISLE, was published by my friends at Grey Matter Press. I spent the day promoting the book, booking interviews and planning for readings in NYC and other parts of the country. I'm very pleased to say...

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