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November 2017

25 Nov 2017 Lucy Taylor Says His Name!

Dark fantasy and horror novelist Lucy Taylor reviewed MISTER WHITE on her blog and had this to say: "MR. WHITE is so good I found myself read­ing more slowly as I neared the end. Foster’s writ­ing is superb, and I wanted to savor every sen­tence. Truly a stand-​out...

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21 Nov 2017 Four Men Who Won’t Stay Dead

Luke Spooner of Carrion House laid it all out on the page with four illustrations of the Dead Men from NIGHT ROADS. As you can see from the pictures, each one is worse than the last. And if you haven't read DEAD MEN yet, Perpetual Motion...

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15 Nov 2017 IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing unleashed NIGHT ROADS on the world today. It's crazy to think that when I started writing DEAD MEN, I didn't realize I was beginning a trilogy. NIGHT ROADS was completed last year so it's been a long time coming - I'm...

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02 Nov 2017 The Terror in Inwood

What a delight it was to introduce both The Exorcist and Halloween for Inwood Art Works. Researching the background of each film was like discovering a treasure trove. Did you know that they looked at around 2000 actresses to play Regan MacNeil, and that Linda...

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