February 2017 - John C. Foster
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horror, fiction, Mister White, Dead Men, Baby Powder
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February 2017

21 Feb 2017 Angel McCue Reviews Dead Men

Author of RESURRECTION Angel McCue had wonderful things to say about DEAD MEN. "Foster does not pull any punches with this dark, action packed thriller. Put your seal belt on and make sure it's fastened tight, because even with it, you're going to be white knuckling...

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09 Feb 2017 T.E. Grau Shares His Thoughts on Baby Powder

John C. Foster adds to the current Weird Fiction Renaissance with Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances, a tough-as-nails collection of short stories that deftly explore elements of cosmicism, science fiction horror, creepshow bizarre, unholy retribution, human cruelty, and post-apocalyptic blight with a trim, almost...

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02 Feb 2017 Order your copy of BABY POWDER

It's here, it's here! (Although the printer is a little slow). BABY POWDER AND OTHER TERRIFYING SUBSTANCES is here! Ten stories of the macabre, mysterious and horrific, ranging from noir blends to future terror and yes, there is a talking doll. You can order it...

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