October 2017 - John C. Foster
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horror, fiction, Mister White, Dead Men, Baby Powder
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October 2017

31 Oct 2017 Pictures or it didn’t happen!

But the KGB Bar reading with John FD Taff, J. Daniel Stone, Erick Johnson (and providing a jolt of energy, Josh Malerman) did indeed happen. It was a great night of stories and I read (for the first time) from Night Roads-Libros de Inferno #2,...

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23 Oct 2017 Dark Moon Digest 7th Anniversary!

The seventh anniversary/October 2017 issue of Dark Moon Digest features an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, NIGHT ROADS. This jam packed issue also includes Stories by Josh Malerman, Betty Rocksteady, Sam Richard, Jeff Bowles, and Ashlee Scheuerman. Columns by Jay Wilburn and George Daniel Lea. Bonus: an interview with Malerman....

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