April 2022 - John C. Foster
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April 2022

26 Apr 2022 Booklist Recommends LEECH

See what Booklist had to say about LEECH: Leech is a special-operations type who has traveled to a small southern town for an investigation. Insects and other animals fall from the sky, and as it turns out, a Big Brother–like organization is involved. They thought they...

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The book that began as a single short story about a curious gent named Archibald Leech and grew story by story into a novel is finally here! LEECH is live in trade paperback and ebook and can be purchased here as well as at Amazon...

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24 Apr 2022 Galactic Terrors

I was recently one of three readers on the HWA's Galactic Terrors podcast, hosted by Jim Chambers and Carol Gyzander. Despite being in the grip of a nasty cold, I had a blast both reading and during the Q&A, and was delighted to see how...

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24 Apr 2022 Ghoulish Book Festival

Brace yourself, San Antonio, I'm arriving at 4:00pm Friday for the first ever Ghoulish Book Festival to launch LEECH and meet Texas writers and readers. VERY. EXCITED. You can find out more about the festival here...

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05 Apr 2022 Writers on Wax

I had great fun last night talking with Joshua Marcella on his podcast, Writers on Wax. We talked writing methods, lessons learned, and roamed wildly through the music-sphere with the like of Bowie, The Doors, Warren Zevon and others. I'll share a link as soon...

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