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Booklist Recommends LEECH

26 Apr Booklist Recommends LEECH

See what Booklist had to say about LEECH:

Leech is a special-operations type who has traveled to a small southern town for an investigation. Insects and other animals fall from the sky, and as it turns out, a Big Brother–like organization is involved. They thought they could see through time and space, and as the reader can guess, it didn’t take long for that scenario to go badly. Leech encounters everything from scientific conspiracies to Norse mythology to doppelgangers and things even odder than that. As he tries to navigate his way out of this precarious situation and sort out what has actually happened versus what he has imagined, readers will be taken on a roller-coaster ride that gets stranger as the book goes on. Will he escape and prevail, or will he succumb to the web he’s gotten himself tangled into? Fans of sf horror infused with a healthy dollop of apocalyptic humor will enjoy Leech, which reads like a delightfully weird cross between the works of southern crime novelist Hank Early and horror humorist Jeff Strand.

— A. E. Siraki

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