July 2021 - John C. Foster
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horror, fiction, Mister White, Dead Men, Baby Powder
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July 2021

19 Jul 2021 The podcast let me do what?

The Bonehead Weekly podcast was a delight and they indulged me in a reading of The Jabberwocky, which I'm currently trying to memorize. We talked life experiences and how they affect writing, the writing process and the past and present details of Rooster, a novel...

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19 Jul 2021 My V-Con Panel

Necon was virtual and renamed V-Con this year and simultaneously helped fill the void of "the conference season that wasn't" and reminded me of how much I get out of in person conventions with writers and readers and publishers and editors and artists and...

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14 Jul 2021 Upcoming Books and Stories

A quick note to tell you what's coming up in my literary universe: 2021 will see LEECH published, a composite novel of short stories, each of which can stand alone but when strung together tell the tale of a very special secret agent. I will share...

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14 Jul 2021 Rooster drops in a week

I'm booking a number of interviews around the debut of ROOSTER and will organized a schedule of run dates shortly. Podcasts, TV, radio - it's all very heady. After the bleak expanse of 2020 I'm as excited for Rooster as I was when my first...

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