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August 2019

27 Aug 2019 Scares that Care

Last night, exhausted from the road, I expressed my happiness in a future schedule clear of travel. Toady I've thrown that out the window and locked in my hotel room and table for Scares that Care 2020. Glutton for punishment? Hell yes....

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21 Aug 2019 All Aboard Leviathan

A wonderful Amazon review of The Isle by Marissa Smith! "From the children to the corpses, I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in Foster's dark world again with little regard for modern time. I often get distracted and don't finish books but that was definitely not the case...

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21 Aug 2019 My Necronomicon Schedule

Here is my Necronomicon schedule:   I’m arriving on Friday around lunch.   Saturday – 3:00-4:15pm   THE UNNAMABLE DOWN EAST: THE INFLUENCE OF LOVECRAFT ON THE WORKS OF STEPHEN KING – Biltmore Ballroom, Graduate 17th Floor What elements of Lovecraftian fiction have been incorporated by King into his narratives? Which stories...

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06 Aug 2019 Work in Progress

I typically have more than one project going at a time in various stages of development. As I wait for notes back on the novel All the Teeth in the World I'm revising a novel/novella titled Archibald Leech, the Many Storied Man. This project grew...

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05 Aug 2019 Necon 39 was fantastic

It's hard to figure out to begin when recapping Necon, a unique conference in Portsmouth, RI oft likened to a summer camp for horror writers/readers/publishers. Do I start with my terrible performance in the Necon Olympics miniature golf event? My roommate Paul Tremblay? Dinners out...

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