March 2019 - John C. Foster
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March 2019

27 Mar 2019 Which sin is mine?

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that THE SEVEN DEADLIEST will be released by Cutting Block Press on May 7. A collection of seven novelettes addressing the big baddies, the book includes stories by Brian Kirk, Bracken MacLeod, Richard Thomas, Rena Mason, Kasey Lansdale, John FD...

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20 Mar 2019 ATLANTA

I'm off to Atlanta at oh-dark-hundred Thursday morning for the third Outer Dark Symposium (in a fit of disorganization, I thought I was flying out today and almost went to the airport 24 hours before my flight!) I'll ad updates and pictures from the road,...

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13 Mar 2019 Karloff and Cushing!

A wonderful review of The Isle on Amazon: "This book wasn't what I expected at all. It was far better. The depictions of the Island and the townsfolk were so entrancing and real that I have expected the likes of Boris Karloff and Peter Cushing to...

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12 Mar 2019 Money, Money Money, Money!

Just completed the first round of edits from the publisher for my novelette GILDA, which is my take on the sin of avarice. This story came about in an unusual way, with a last minute invite from a friend to turn around the story in...

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