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Author: JFo

19 Sep 2021 Many Things: A Round Up

We kicked off our official Halloween viewing last night with 1979's AMITYVILLE HORROR, a perennial favorite. Tonight we'll catch the new Candyman then it's back to the hard work of holiday viewing. Recently completed one of the best short stories I've written in awhile, I think....

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31 Aug 2021 Humbled

I'm absolutely humbled by this Goodreads review by one of the excellent hosts (James) of Boneheads Weekly podcast: "Rooster did something I rarely feel books do. While one is watching the character of Rooster crash through the seedy underworld with brutal efficiency fed by his lived...

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31 Aug 2021 What the book?

I had a great time answering questions about monsters on What the Book? It will air later in September and I'll give everyone a heads up before it does. ...

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04 Aug 2021 Rooster was “Between the Covers”

I had a wonderful time on "Between the Covers" with Stephanie Larkin (check out her imprint, Red Penguin Books). It was fun to "share the stage" with two non-fiction writers which took the conversation into different directions. Check out the episode here ...

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19 Jul 2021 The podcast let me do what?

The Bonehead Weekly podcast was a delight and they indulged me in a reading of The Jabberwocky, which I'm currently trying to memorize. We talked life experiences and how they affect writing, the writing process and the past and present details of Rooster, a novel...

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