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Author: JFo

01 Feb 2020 This is what’s happening

Quick updates: The horror novel-to-be Spite House is pushed back while I work on the crime novel, Mister Madame, about an ex-con (and former run away) tracking down a kind who ran away from home to the mean streets of New York. It's coming along swimmingly and I...

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12 Jan 2020 Den of Iniquity

2020 is here and it's time for my brief and futile effort at organizing my office for the year's writing effort. Current project: a crime novel titled MISTER MADAME. (Why is the picture tilted? I have no idea). ...

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30 Dec 2019 More Holiday Tales of Terror

It was wonderful to return for a visit with my friends at the What Are You Afraid Of paranormal podcast to discuss "Yuletide Monsters" and an audio narration of my Christmas horror short story, "Yule Wine."  You can listen here ...

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10 Dec 2019 Holiday Terror Returns in The Worm of Poe

The little story that keeps on going. First released as an audio story on the What Are You Afraid Of Podcast, "Te Worm of Poe" reappeared in print on Kendall Reviews in December 2018 and they've run it again in December of 2019. http://kendallreviews.com/christmas-feature-exclusive-fiction-the-worm-of-poe-john-c-foster/?fbclid=IwAR0i1zYCWMY36I3iNFy1Csg-Lw-VOU4hFhn_pJ3Ki1ST3za4-uh1IVYfGSE  ...

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10 Dec 2019 New Crime Novel in 2020

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my first crime novel will be published by Grey Matter Press in 2020. ROOSTER has a price on his head and every crime outfit in the country looking to collect. I'll share more details soon. ...

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07 Dec 2019 The Isle is a world of its own…

I was so happy to read this recent Goodreads review of The Isle: "Inspector Virgil Bone is being sent from the New England mainland to retrieve a body from The Isle, a remote and secretive island miles of the coast, protected by monsters and myths, the...

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