Dec 24th-NY Ghost Story Festival! (Online) - John C. Foster
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Dec 24th–NY Ghost Story Festival! (Online)

13 Dec Dec 24th–NY Ghost Story Festival! (Online)

I’m thrilled to be reading on Christmas Eve as part of the month long NY GHOST STORY FESTIVAL (Thursday, December 24, 2020 at 7 PM EST – 9 PM EST). I’ll be reading from a short collaboration between Edward Gorey and John Updike followed by a classic ghost story by the great Ambrose Pierce. Reading with me that evening is Nick Kaufmann and the event has been put on by Daniel Braum.

From the official event page:

Spend part of your Christmas Eve with us. Telling ghost stories. The festival closes on this special Christmas Eve date. Merry Christmas ! And greetings of the season to all !
When the year grows old and December’s daylight departs too soon it is time to fill the dark nights with stories of ghosts and the supernatural.
Welcome to The New York Ghost Story Festival. An annual event of ghost story readings and discussion hosted by Daniel Braum. Featuring authors of the uncanny, strange and fantastic from New York and around the globe.
NIGHT SIX confirmed guests are: John Foster and Nicholas Kaufmann
This event is free. And online only. Just follow the link we will be posting to You Tube to join us live. Or come back to the same link and watch the archive at your leisure.
The Festival Dates are:
December 10th , 12th, 14th 19th and 24th at 7pm EST.
December 20th at 4pm EST.
Thank you for joining us during these dark December nights.
Stay in touch at the Night Time Logic pages on social media.

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