February 2020 - John C. Foster
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February 2020

21 Feb 2020 Mister Madame is approaching

Just a quick update to let you know that the crime novel MISTER MADAME is coming along swimmingly. I expect the rough to be done by the end of March and will have more updates as things proceed. ...

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19 Feb 2020 True Horror is Revealed in Several Forms

Laurel Hightower said this in her review of THE ISLE: There's an excellent blurb on the front of this book along the lines of it being from one of Nathanial Hawthorne's nightmares. It's a great quote, because it credits the way Foster has captured that archaic...

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16 Feb 2020 Crime Wave #2

The Crime Wave article for February is off to the gentlemen of Ink Heist. This time I used the wayback machine to examine my favorite Crime writer, Richard Stark. Here's a sample: When a fresh faced guy in a Chevy offered him a lift, Parker told...

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02 Feb 2020 Ink Heist Podcast Interview

Last night Linda Jones and I spent two hours talking with Rich Duncan, Laurel Hightower and Shane Keene - the Ink Heist crew. We covered all manner of subjects about writing and narrating and our favorite books but also went seriously off the rails and...

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01 Feb 2020 This is what’s happening

Quick updates: The horror novel-to-be Spite House is pushed back while I work on the crime novel, Mister Madame, about an ex-con (and former run away) tracking down a kind who ran away from home to the mean streets of New York. It's coming along swimmingly and I...

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