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True Horror is Revealed in Several Forms

19 Feb True Horror is Revealed in Several Forms

Laurel Hightower said this in her review of THE ISLE:

There’s an excellent blurb on the front of this book along the lines of it being from one of Nathanial Hawthorne’s nightmares. It’s a great quote, because it credits the way Foster has captured that archaic feel, the language, the characters, and oh man, the setting.

At first glance an enjoyable seaside horror, reminiscent of The Fog, maybe Jaws, knowing you’re there in the deep with something lurking. The longer you read though, the more you realize how much more there is to this story, the way things come full circle, and true horror is revealed in several forms. Foster also does an excellent job with the juxtaposition of an island sunk in the past, and flailing against the future that’s coming for it in the form of Virgil Bone.

My first from this author, and will not be my last.

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