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Macabre Glee

11 Feb Macabre Glee

I finished the novella FINAL BOY yesterday. Well, I finished the first of what will be several drafts. My hope is to have it finished by mid March and with a publisher already interested in giving it a read, perhaps I’ll have more news to share soon.

It’s been an interesting stretch, the end of 2022 until now, mid February 2023. I wrote the novella, SWEETPEA, delivering it to its intended home in December. I kicked off January with the shorts story MOTHERFUCKING MONA and then turned my attention to FINAL BOY, which I began in October of 2021 and periodically plinked away at in between novel projects. I may give more focus to short fiction this year. It’s very satisfying to begin an end a project within a month or two. That being said, the crime novel MERCURY IN GATORADE is calling for my attention and I’ve been playing with an idea for expanding the short story BURIAL SUIT into a novel…so we’ll see.

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