The lights went out and the house moaned. - John C. Foster
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The lights went out and the house moaned.

15 Jan The lights went out and the house moaned.

After a lengthy time away to finish other projects, I’ve returned to my novella in progress FINAL BOY and the writing is flowing quickly–so quickly that I deliberately took most of Friday and all of Saturday off so I could let my subconscious catch up and begin to surprise me again. I’ve spent so much of my energy on novels in the last few years that writing a novella in December and a short story in the first week of 2023 has been a welcome relief and reminder of how much fun can be had working in a shorter format. I’ve started looking at my crime/horror short story “Burial Suit” because I think there’s more to the story and while I’m not certain which idea will win out as *next project*, it may be expanding that story into a novella or novel. (Even as I wrote the last, other projects started screaming for attention, Mercury in Gatorade being the loudest).

Excited to attend Noir at the Bar tonight. Excited to make my travel plans for the Ghoulish Book Festival in San Antonio. Generally excited for the year ahead after a rough 2022.

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