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So it’s 2023 already

10 Jan So it’s 2023 already

I hit the ground running in 2023 after a strong finish in December. I have three novels currently out in the wild, two horror and one crime, finished my novella Sweetpea and it’s currently with the publisher who invited me to write it. I started this year with a fun, violent story about cheerleaders in the apocalypse titled “Motherfucking Mona.” I surprised myself in December by adding a new story to my in-progress collection Strange Stories for Strange Times and discovering it was finished. It is now out with a publisher that I’d love to work with, fingers crossed. I am near 20k words deep into the novella Final Boy and I think my effort to subvert tropes while keeping the fun of a final girl slasher is working. A publisher is waiting to read it, so let’s hope I stick the landing.

I focused so much on writing novels the last few years that I’m enjoying a return to shorter forms and there may be more shorts in the near future.

I am planning to attend Ghoulish Book Festival in April and Stokercon in June and will post a list of cons as soon as I get my plans organized.

More to come, happy 2023!

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