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Many Things: A Round Up

19 Sep Many Things: A Round Up

We kicked off our official Halloween viewing last night with 1979’s AMITYVILLE HORROR, a perennial favorite. Tonight we’ll catch the new Candyman then it’s back to the hard work of holiday viewing.

Recently completed one of the best short stories I’ve written in awhile, I think. LOVE – A HATE STORY.

I’m 50k words into a new collection of short stories with the working title STRANGE STORIES FOR STRANGE TIMES. Updates to come as I have them.

After some beta reading and notes for a few fine authors I’m back to working on SPITE HOUSE which is grudgingly revealing itself to me.

And this review of The Isle from author Matt Moore:

Relentlessly and unapologetically dark, we begin with a US Marshal barely recovered from a tragedy who is assigned to recover a body from an island far off the Maine coast. The island is isolated, with unreliable electricity and telephone, and its culture is trapped in the past. There, US Marshal Bone finds a deepening mystery of something horrific in the island’s past resulting in suspicion, vendetta, and horrible, graphic deaths.

Foster’s descriptions of wind-whipped sea water, rain, mud and wet sand will chill you. I can’t recall a novel provoking such a physical reaction. And the commentary on human nature’s cruelty is equally chilling, with the residents of the Isle—with a few exceptions—representing the worst of humanity.

If you want a horror novel where the hero might not win (or survive), where no one lives happily ever after, where the “monster” isn’t vanquished, then The Isle is for you.

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