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The Isle is a world of its own…

07 Dec The Isle is a world of its own…

I was so happy to read this recent Goodreads review of The Isle:

“Inspector Virgil Bone is being sent from the New England mainland to retrieve a body from The Isle, a remote and secretive island miles of the coast, protected by monsters and myths, the inhabitants are not willing to have revealed. Bone is battling his own inner demons and then trapped in the island by relentless storms, murder and mayhem begin. The horrific secret of the The Isle is being revealed.

The Isle is stuck in time. Almost no electricity, phone or modern conveniences they live a remote life. You feel thrown back in time. It’s dark, wet, claustrophobic and creepy as the book peels back the layers of the communities history, you wonder if anyone is going to make out of there alive once all hell breaks loose.

Some reviewers say there is a significant slow down mid-book, I don’t feel it.. you need some break from the pain, violence and the feeling of your skin crawling all the time. The relentless ocean. Oh and stew scene will probably turn you off beef stew forever!

The ending was whirlwind and I hope for the best! No spoilers! Dark and primitive feeling with this town lost in history. I can’t say I’d visit again anytime soon though, The Isle does not want outsiders. Read immediately!”

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