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Mister White Strikes Again!

16 Jun Mister White Strikes Again!

MISTER WHITE came out a few years ago (from the great folks at Grey Matter Press) but it’s still finding fans. Horror DNA recently said: “Mister White is an exception. Author John C. Foster manages the surprising feat of grafting a spy novel onto a demonic horror romp, and for the most part the graft seems to have taken. Foster spins a world of high-stakes espionage that collapses under the onslaught of an unstoppable supernatural force given to gratuitous evisceration, and the final product, far from feeling artificial or incongruous, is strangely satisfying. Imagine if Jason Bourne went up against Freddy Krueger and you’ve got a close approximation of the tone (minus Krueger’s dark humor—the eponymous Mister White mostly plays it straight).”

You can read the full review here

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