The Seven Deadliest is a "bad influence" - John C. Foster
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The Seven Deadliest is a “bad influence”

29 May The Seven Deadliest is a “bad influence”

Storgy Magazine raved about THE SEVEN DEADLIEST and had this to say about my novelette, GILDA:

First up, we have ‘Gilda’ by John C. Foster. Foster is a master of the unsettling, quite simply, and the way he handles dialogue in this story is exquisite. Every choice he makes is symbolic and meaningful, such as the title of this group’s maitre d’, the eponymous Gilda, which evokes the word ‘gild’, or in other words, to cover with gold.

The story follows a determined woman’s desperate to gain entry into a society of high-profile female influencers. During the course of her semi-initiation, Gilda tells a story about a mysterious man who arrives at someone’s doorstep with a box full of cash and a humble request. As both our present-day story and Gilda’s progress, often intersecting in unusual and downright creepy ways, we begin to see that sometimes admission-by-any price is not worth paying. It is at once a commentary on toxic relationships, an insightful rendition of greed, and a cunning subversion that shows us avarice can take many forms. Foster delivers both adept character studies as well as a rising tension that resolves in brain-scarring horror imagery. It’s easy to see why he is becoming such a name.

You can check out the full review here

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