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Breakin’ the Law

11 Apr Breakin’ the Law

Author of the brand new crime thriller LAWBREAKER, Ryan Wick shared his review of The Isle:


An absolute MUST READ for fans of gothic New England Horror

John C. Foster has written an incredible mystery / gothic horror novel, that is an extraordinary mix of atmospheric suspense, chilling terror and modern day noir. His prose is razor sharp and the way he slowly teases out the intricate, bone-chilling details surrounding a murder in a small village off the coast of New England will have you tearing through the pages in dreadful anticipation.

It’s creepy and unnerving, with a rain-soaked atmosphere so well built with description that it makes you feel cold and damp while reading. All in all, I think the Isle is John’s finest work yet and I’m chomping at the bit to see what he comes up with next.

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