Part 2 of my interview with Ink Heist - John C. Foster
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Part 2 of my interview with Ink Heist

04 Feb Part 2 of my interview with Ink Heist

Here’s an excerpt from Part 2 of my interview with Rich Duncan and Shane Keen at Ink Heist:

“I moved out to LA when I was 20 to become a screenwriter…though I’d never been to LA or seen a screenplay. Frankly, I was as enticed by thoughts of escape and by the glamour of Hollywood than I was by any artistic notions. The reality of LA was a hard punch in the nose, but I eventually learned how to write screenplays while stumbling upward in an unexpected public relations career and that knowledge definitely helped me learn to write short stories and novels. I suspect that a beginning in writing for the screen is where I derive some of my need to keep the story moving at a certain pace – which is neither good nor bad in and of itself, but definitely something I do.”

To read all of Part 2, please click here

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