Ink Heist Interview Part 1 - John C. Foster
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Ink Heist Interview Part 1

01 Feb Ink Heist Interview Part 1

A few weeks back I had a wonderful (and long) interview with Shane Keene and Rich Duncan at Ink Heist. I dropped Shan’e intro below and at the end you’ll find the link to Part 1 of the interview. We had a blast.

“Hey people! I hope you all are well today and I hope you’re in the mood for something fun and SUPER insightful. Anyone who’s followed me for a while likely knows I’m a huge fan of John C. Foster and Rich is no different, but for being maybe a little more emphatic about his fandom than I. He’s young, I’m old, that’s why. Simple.

Anyway, where was I? Oh. Over the years, John and I have developed something of a rapport and I believe that’s true of Rich and him but I can’t confirm for sure. They may hate each other. But Foster and I like each other and we have become comfortable in our friendship and in conversation so it was an easy choice when Rich and I first brainstormed this somewhat unorthodox method of doing an interview. We needed a gullible victim. John was just such a target, and we’re eternally grateful to him for falling into our trap. I know you’re going to dig this so stick around.

I’m’ going to tell you briefly what we did here, and then we’ll get on with it. We wanted to do a live interview but we have neither video or audio capabilities so we decided to improvise. Using a Google Hangout, we did this “semi-live” interview in real time, firing questions and answers back and forth and having a blast doing it. Below is the transcription of Part 1 of our somewhat lengthy conversation and we hope you have as much fun with it as the three of us did.”

**To read Part 1 of the interview that followed, click here

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