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24 Bottles of Blood – Best of 2018

26 Jan 24 Bottles of Blood – Best of 2018

The Isle was included on this excellent Best of 2018 list – a list which included several of my own favorites from last year. To find The Isle included on a list with Laird Barron’s Blood Standard or James A. McLaughlin’s Bearskin blows my mind. This is what Shane Keene had to say about it: “Here’s an easy favorite for me, but I’ve never read a book by Foster that didn’t suck me in and own me. But this one went fathoms deeper than his previous works, bringing us a cast of characters as rich as the ancient heritage of New England itself. Here John creates some of the richest humanity he’s ever imagined and also somehow manages to masterfully tie them to the Isle itself, making the setting as much of a character as any other in the story.”

This is a great list and you’ll find plenty of books to whet your appetite here

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