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SciFi & Fantasy Reviewer on LOST FILMS

12 Jul SciFi & Fantasy Reviewer on LOST FILMS

Sci Fi and Fantasy Reviewer released a wonderful review of the upcoming LOST FILMS anthology (PMMP) and had these kind words for my contribution to the book:

Another highlight of the anthology for me was Archibald Leech, The Many-Storied Man by John C. Foster. It’s difficult, in a way, to properly describe Foster’s contribution to Lost Films because it seems to cross into so many sub-genres at once – psychological horror, body horror, cosmic horror – and yet manages to blend them all superbly into a fantastic piece of horror fiction. The titular Leech, some kind of agent for one of the many three-letter intelligence agencies that dot the globe, is sent to a remote village to investigate why a top-secret government facility has fallen off of the map. The realities of what he finds in the town are horrifying enough, and the abrupt, noir-style ending is brilliant, but the character of Archibald Leech is the star attraction of the story, and one of the most memorable characters I’ve come across in horror fiction. The character-building is fantastic, bringing to mind things like Twin Peaks as Foster forces the reader to question who or what, exactly, Leech is and what his goals are; memories fragment, bizarre supporting characters appear, and there are more than a few hints that this might not actually be the ‘true’ reality for Leech at all. Superbly written, and I look forward to seeing what Foster does with the character in the future, and what he writes in general.

You can read the full review here

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