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War on Christmas!

25 Jun War on Christmas!

I’m absolutely delighted to be included in ChiZine’s tinsel draped horror anthology, War on Christmas. I’ve been participating in Yule celebrations for the past few years with the What Are You afraid Of? podcast by writing a short piece of Christmas horror, but was unable to join them in 2017, so my grim little tale of a tree farmer, “Yule Wine,” has found a home with ChiZine (some of the loveliest people in the biz). Here’s the great notice they sent out, including a stellar list of writers (Neil Gaiman, holy shit!) – and I’ve included the cover image at the bottom.

ChiZine Publications’ WAR ON CHRISTMAS anthology proceeds apace (more or less). Many acceptances have gone out, but there are still more to come. I love the acceptance letter we sent out, crafted with care by our own Craig Wolf:

Dear Enlistee,

Thank you for submitting to War on Christmas. It is with grim joy (!) that we thank you for signing up to fight in the glorious crusade against the tinseled imperialists in the form of “STORY NAME.” Your efforts were among the few that survived the rigors of basic training, and we look forward to joining you in fierce combat with the forces of Muzak and fake snow.

Yours in mistletoed mayhem,
Sandra Kasturi & Craig Wolf
Editors & Santa’s Recruiters

So far we’ve accepted stories from: Paul Michael AndersonDon BassingthwaiteMatt BechtelMike BryantDana Cameron, Alex Colvin, Peter Darbyshire, Robert Dawson, David Demchuk, Viktoria Faust, John Foster, Chris Hayes, Kate Heartfield, Alicia Hilton, Kathryn Hore, E.E. King,Alethea KontisEd KurtzBracken MacLeodHelen MarshallBrice McVicarMatt MooreDavid NickleKarl Schroeder, James Edward O’Brien, Joanna Parypinski, Andrija Popovic, Cat RamboAndrew Specht, Chris Sumberg, David Vaughan, Thomas Vaughn, Noah Wareness and Gord Zajac. And Neil Gaiman very kindly agreed to let us use a reprint! We’ll also have illustrations. And the absolutely bonkers “Xmas Man” song by Kari Maaren! Oooh… it’s gonna be good. More acceptances and rejections to come. Hopefully will be done by next Wednesday!

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