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Man of Many Stories

24 May Man of Many Stories

Wow, this is a week for exciting announcements. I was thrilled to be a part of last year’s LOST SIGNALS an am gobsmacked to find myself in such great company in LOST FILMS from Perpetual Motion Machine, out this August.

“Lather of Flies” by Brian Evenson
“The Church in the Mountains” by Gemma Files
“Daddy’s in a Snuff Film” by Kelby Losack
“In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on 8track” by Bob Pastorella
“A Festival of Fiends” by Brian Asman
“I Hate All that is Mine” by Leigh Harlen
“The Thing in the Side Room” by Dustin Katz
“This Cosmic Atrocity” by Andrew Novak
“Elephants That Aren’t” by Betty Rocksteady
“Archibald Leech, the Many-Storied Man” by John Foster
“Teeth and Teeth and Teeth” by Ashlee Scheuerman
“Ghost Mapping” by Eugenia M. Triantafyllou
“The Fourth Wall” by Kev Harrison
“Don’t Turn Around” by Thomas Joyce
“Things She Left in the Woods” by Jessica McHugh
“Stag” by Kristi DeMeester
“Famous Last Words” by Izzy Lee
“The Fabulous and Tormented Life of a Serial Extra” by Chad Stroup
“The Fantastic Flying Eraser Heads” by David James Keaton

Cover art by George C. Cotronis. Interior illustrations by Luke Spooner.

Coming this August from Perpetual Motion Machine.

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