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Elbow Deep in Guts

07 Apr Elbow Deep in Guts

I’m in the thick of edits on my novel of blood brothers and pagan curses, ALL THE TEETH IN THE WORLD and nearing the end of the rough draft of THE SLAUGHTER THEORY…which I haven’t told anyone about yet! As always, I turn to the masters for guidance during the carnage of editing and loved this bit of wisdom from the great Patricia Highsmith:

“For all your cutting, there is usually more to come. Cutting becomes more and more painful, more and more difficult. At last you don’t see a single sentence anywhere that can be cut, and then you must say, “Four more whole pages have got to come out of this thing,” and begin again on page one with perhaps a different colored pencil or crayon in hand to make the recounting easier, and be as ruthless as if you were throwing excess baggage, even fuel, out of an overloaded airplane.”

–Patricia Highsmith, Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction (1966)

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