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Outer Dark Symposium!

21 Mar Outer Dark Symposium!

I’m packing my bags for the Outer Dark Symposium in San Jose, Saturday the 25th at the infamous Winchester Mystery House! I’ll be reading from a forthcoming weird fiction novel as well as participating on a panel described as follows:

A Dark Matter
One largely unexamined effect of the Weird Renaissance is the decoupling of The Weird from horror as the former increasingly stands on its own. This process, in conjunction with the general refusal of leading editors and scholars to offer narrow definitions for Weird Fiction, has led to a rising awareness of other modes and genres where The Weird has hidden all along, especially science fiction. The relationship between horror and science fiction has long since been mapped in essays, on panels, etc. Can we now look with fresh lenses on the intersection of science fiction and this recently untethered Weird?

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