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Stroup Reviews Baby Powder

02 Sep Stroup Reviews Baby Powder

California master of the macabre and all things weird Chad Stroup reviewed BABY POWDER AND OTHER TERRIFYING SUBSTANCES. He had this to say about the title story: “But the real treasure of this collection is the final story, which also happens to be the title story. “Baby Powder” is where Foster’s true magic as a writer has comes together to create something special. The story focuses on a “haunted house,” for lack of a better term, but it goes much deeper than that. The prose is wonderful throughout, the characters are memorable, and the vibe of the whole story left me rattled for a couple of days after I read it. I don’t want to say anything else for fear of spoiling the wonder, but it’s worth buying this book for this story alone (plus, you also get a lot of other really awesome stories, so you really can’t lose.) Just one of those “wow” moments. I knew after reading Mister White that Foster was a good writer. After reading “Baby Powder,” I now see how great he is. His finest moment so far. No pressure.”


But my favorite line was for the short story Meat: “Meat” is killer. Trees that eat people. ‘Nuff said.” (I am absolutely delighted by this response).


You can read Chad’s review here

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