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Readercon 2017 was fantastic!

27 Jul Readercon 2017 was fantastic!

My thoughts following the con…

Back in Brooklyn with the a/c humming and Indian food on the way, I’m sorting through so many fond memories of Readercon. I didn’t attend as many panels as I might have wished, but I particularly enjoyed the Philosophy of Horror and the Shirley Jackson panels – both were equal parts erudite and enjoyable. Of greater note are the people I spent time with, fine people and fine writers. A few highlights:

An extemporaneous recitation of Jabberwocky by Sandra KasturiChandler Klang Smith and John Langan(followed by the creation of a new limerick, which shall never be repeated).

An extended conversation with Jack M. Haringa about many things, among them Japan.

Spending more than a passing moment in conversation with Bracken MacLeod – AuthorEric Schaller and Matthew M. Bartlett. Gentlemen, the lot of ’em.

Hanging out at the Chizine table with Brett Savory, Sandra, Bob Boyczuk and meeting David Demchuk (I’m already loving his book). Brett & Sandra took me under their wing at my first Readercon and it’s always great to see them again.

John baiting Jack from the stage and Jack shaking his cane from the audience. I’m still surprised lightning didn’t crackle from the brass head.

Nicholas Kaufmann and Alexa Antopol allowing me to play third wheel.

Nick’s dinosaur impression.

Eric Taxier‘s dinosaur impression.

Alexa rescuing Eric from what I believe was an actual witch out on the patio.

Karen Heuler‘s reading, during which I became lost in the story and was both surprised and annoyed when the allotted time was up! In Search of Lost Time is an engaging book and I look forward to reading the rest of the story 🙂

Justin Steele‘s delight at fried clams (with bellies). No more going back to strips.

Tony’s Clam Shack with Justin, Matthew, Mike GriffinMichael WehuntSean M. Thompson and Eric.

I know there’s more to recount and more people to call out, but I have to set the table before the vindaloo arrives.

And yes, next year I will attend Necon.

Have a wonderful night, everyone!

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