Lost Signals Review including "Armageddon Baby" by Yours Truly - John C. Foster
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Lost Signals Review including “Armageddon Baby” by Yours Truly

14 Aug Lost Signals Review including “Armageddon Baby” by Yours Truly

HorrorTalk reviewed the long awaited and recently released anthology LOST SIGNALS from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, which includes my short story “Armageddon Baby” amidst work from a who’s who list of today’s horror writers, including Josh Malerman, TE Grau and Damien Angelica Walters among them. About AB they had this to say: “And finally, you have John Foster’s “Armageddon Baby,” the story of a private eye on a terrifying quest to a radio station at the top of the world. It’s the kind of mashup of horror, noir, and thriller that has become John Foster’s stock in trade. It’s also one of the creepiest stories in the book and, like most of Foster’s short work, it would segue quite comfortably into a full length novel.” To read the entire review, follow this link

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