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I had a blast talking to Max Booth III about jump scares on the Ghoulish podcast. We talked film and books and dipped into details about my upcoming thriller Rooster, including a giveaway. Check it out here...

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28 Apr 2021 LEECH

I've signed a contract for LEECH (formerly Archibald Leech, the Many Storied Man) and will share details on the publisher and release date soon. ...

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06 Apr 2021 Getting Ghoulish Tonight

This evening I'm recording an interview with the podcast Ghoulish, where we'll discuss the value of jump scares and most likely go wildly off the rails. I believe it's scheduled to air on 4/12/21. ...

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09 Feb 2021 February Doings

Winter has finally found us with a series of snow storms and it's been wonderful for creativity. The Hard Six is out to beta readers and I hope to have it polished and ready for (REDACTED) in March. Meanwhile, the long simmering idea for SPITE...

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17 Jan 2021 What to look for in 2021

We made it to 2021! The general slow-down in 2020 means that I have a number of projects on deck. In the months ahead be on the lookout for updates on: Rooster: my first crime novel. All the Teeth in the World: a horror novel. Archibald Leech, the Many...

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