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17 Jan 2021 What to look for in 2021

We made it to 2021! The general slow-down in 2020 means that I have a number of projects on deck. In the months ahead be on the lookout for updates on: Rooster: my first crime novel. All the Teeth in the World: a horror novel. Archibald Leech, the Many...

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27 Nov 2020 RAZOR TOWN

A long simmering idea has exploded across my mindscape this November: a collection of stories about the northern NH town of Ville de Rasoir - Razor Town. I'm trying to capture enough of it now (writing the third story) so I can focus on revising...

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23 Nov 2020 Where is Rooster?

One change brought about by 2020 is that my first crime novel, ROOSTER, was not published this fall--which you may already have noticed. I'll have more to share as things are sorted but hope to unleash it in the wild in 2021. (Publishing being what...

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23 Nov 2020 A few Updates in a Delightful Year

2020 being 2020 has slowed down production a bit and presented a few changes. On the good news front, I'm revising a third draft of THE HARD SIX (formerly Mister Madame) and it's coming along well. In a fit of autumn energy I've also written...

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14 Sep 2020 Draft Deux of Six Girl Smile

I finished the crime novel Six Girl Smile a few weeks back and am working on draft two. The title comes from a line of dialogue in the story and seems to fit better than the original working title, Mister Madame. I think you'll like...

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14 Sep 2020 The Many Storied Man

As often happens, plans change (which may be this year's theme) but in this case for the better, I hope. I'm adding another new story to the mosaic novel Archibald Leech, the Many Storied Man. This one is titled "The Skinny" and, well...

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