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Upcoming Works

27 Aug 2018 Getting Strange

I'm delighted to share that my short story "Stuck Bucky" will be included in STRANGE AEONS issue #23, with knockout cover art by Nick 'The Hat' Gucker. Pre-orders are open now. From their announcement: "All right, all right, all right...

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25 Jun 2018 War on Christmas!

I'm absolutely delighted to be included in ChiZine's tinsel draped horror anthology, War on Christmas. I've been participating in Yule celebrations for the past few years with the What Are You afraid Of? podcast by writing a short piece of Christmas horror, but was unable to...

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24 May 2018 Man of Many Stories

Wow, this is a week for exciting announcements. I was thrilled to be a part of last year's LOST SIGNALS an am gobsmacked to find myself in such great company in LOST FILMS from Perpetual Motion Machine, out this August. “Lather of Flies” by Brian Evenson “The Church in...

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24 May 2018 New York State of Fright!

I'm absolutely thrilled to have my mean little story "East Side Devil" included in NEW YORK STATE OF FRIGHT, with proceeds going to Girls Write Now! A NEW YORK STATE OF FRIGHT, edited by James Chambers, April Grey, and Robert Masterson presents twenty-four tales of darkness and fear written...

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23 Jan 2018 Washing Ashore in Summer 2018

While I can't give away too many details until the official announcement by the publisher, I'm excited to share that my novel of the macabre THE ISLE will be released this summer. More details when I wiggle free from this gag. Here is a brief description: Some curses...

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02 Jan 2018 Lost and Strange in 2018

Now this is how you start a year - my short story "Stuck Bucky" will be in the February issue of STRANGE AEONS! I'm excited and grateful in equal measure. I also found out on December 31st that my short story "Archibald Leech, the Many...

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